General information

A space brought to its highest cultural expression and culinary character.

L' Escrivania is a dining space housed in a building first documented back in the fourteenth century as a royal notary public, which has served as the domicile for a range of trades throughout its history. Its current renovation allows us to enjoy its enthralling age-old character, creating a special atmosphere where culture and cuisine are one. A true landmark of Porreres where we will also be able to enjoy the region's iconic protagonist: the apricot.

The menu card is as exquisite as their service and décor, yielding a variety of contrasts in flavours and textures that bring amazing results to the palate. Among its careful selection of starters, meat and fish, we find “broken” eggs with truffles and spicy sausage, terrine of foie gras with jam and salad, its oven-baked suckling piglet (with potato risolada, mushrooms and crystallised apricots) or cod au gratin with sun-dried tomato aioli and apricot sauce, amongst other proposals, and not to mention their tasty pastas, risottos, paella and noodle dishes.

Their home-made desserts, another temptation that is difficult to deny oneself: the Monalisa cake with white chocolate, apricot and red fruit, apricot Biscuit Glacé, their Coulant with chocolate and apricot, or the Escrivania tart, layered sponge cake with apricot jam and chocolate, along with many other delicatessen you won't be able to stop trying!