General information

Specialists in natural products, pedicure, reflexology, lymph drainage, Hidrolymph and dietary advice.

Nature teaches us to live with its wisdom, because in it we find undeniable balance and harmony. As the natural beings that we are, we should heed that essence in order to also get our balance and well-being.

In Herbolari Es Pla you'll find natural products for treating all kinds of ailments. Devoted to the herbal and dietary world, it also offers us sugar-free foods, food for coeliacs and all kinds of products for weight control, including dietary advice. We didn't forget their cosmetic items.

Herbolari Es Pla even specialises in massage (relaxing, therapeutic, tension-relieving...), pedicure, reflexology, lymphatic drainage and Hidrolymph, a piece of equipment that provides our body's natural balance and overall well-being. See also the benefits that Bach Flowers and Reiki can bring you both physically, mentally and on a psycho-emotional level.

Morning hours: Monday to Saturday from 10am to 1:15pm. Evening hours: Monday to Friday 5pm to 8pm. Treatments available by appointment.