General information

Love at first taste

Can Sant Cafè is a modern restaurant with a terrace and highly appealing cuisine.

Let us be tempted by its varied appetising snacks, fingerfood and starters, or its 18 different recommendations in pa amb oli's (with cheeses, cold meats and sausage, sobrassada, Iberian hams, brie and anchovies, salmon, cod, cuttlefish, Andalusian style squid, pork or beef loin and sirloins, chicken breast, ribs and steaks. A bit of everything... or adjustments to your liking) . Also noteworthy are their salads (Greek, Tuscan, Caesar, tropical, temperate blends of either eel and shrimp, porcini mushrooms with prawns, salmon or blue cheese, or of cod, apple and nuts with honey and blueberry sauce...). You can also enjoy their variety of grilled meats and sepia, also with the option of a children's menu.

All this while not neglecting their carefully selected wine and champagne list, their home-made cakes and drinks (cocktails and gin tonics), perfect for completing or further enjoying a wonderful evening.

And how about their events? Concerts, Sushi night on the last Friday of each month, pincho days... Still think you can miss it?

Hours: Sunday through Thursday from 8:30am to 2pm. Friday and Saturday from 8am to 6pm.