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Products for you and your home.

Can Barona is a family business that boasts over 50 years' experience, thanks to their good work, sincerity and devotion, with enduring enthusiasm and commitment to continuous improvement.

Located in Sineu, one of the oldest villages on the island, specifically on the Market Square, where the popular weekly event takes place and is visited from throughout the island, Can Barona offers us all kinds of decorative items and household furnishings as well as their practical section of hardware, focused on providing solutions in a range of DIY jobs.

Did you know that scents have a positive effect on our countinuous brain development? Most of us love to use perfumes and fragrances. Through them we pass on to the people around us a little more of ourselves. Pick one that goes with you. Can Barona also has toiletries.

And of course you can also find the perfect gift. Come visit!

Hours: Monday to Friday 9am to 1:30pm and 5pm to 8. Saturdays from 9am to 1:30pm.