General information

A meeting place for friends and fans of the sport.

Café Balear is a simple place with special charm. A place with its doors open for us to make a stop on our journez and have a rest, enjoy a moment of relaxation or enjoz a lively chat with friends. The atmosphere here is set by its people.

A lively and dynamic place, with the coming and going of patrons, and also frequented by cyclists. Their homemade snacks must be, without doubt, the best ally for continue one's trip. Specialities that further complete the experience of football fans while devotedly watching their favourite teams on their big screen TV.

The pool table is also witness to many a good time with untold evenings relinquishing our day's tension around it. It equally unites all those who want to share a good game of cards or chess. Each us surely has his or her own favorite affinity!

There is also a meeting hall.

Hours: Open daily (except Tuesday mornings) from 6:30am to 11:30pm.