General information

From traditional iron craft to modern stainless steel.

Tradition needn't be at odds with modernity.

At Ferreria Pau Casas we find tradition and modernity combined with new materials and technologies: from the elegance and robustness of forge craftsmanship through to the functionality and resistance of stainless steel, yielding custom-made creations fitting more classic decorative settings or in tune with the most cutting edge surroundings.

Mastery and originality merged in the form of their artistic Ironwork products: railings, stair railings, gates, barriers and gates, fences, metal ladders and spiral staircases..., also performing TIG and MIG welding, and repair of agricultural machinery.

Optimising new solutions in order to accommodate our needs, this professional also offers us his automation for all types of doors (sectional, swinging, roll-up and sliding).